People on the fediverse cheering on Google's censoring of a fediverse app. Couldn't make this shit up, if you wanted to.

My #1 wish for #Mastodon: when going to a profile that nobody on your instance is following (yet), load remote posts either automatically or via a button, instead of saying "no toots here" and that's that. Aside from being annoying for experienced users, I'm sure it must be one of the most confusing things for novice ones.


Poll: What amount of money per year would you consider a fair financial contribution for the hosting, administration, maintenance, and moderation of the fedi instance you're using? (Only micro-blogging, like e.g. Mastodon, Pleroma, GNUSocial.)

WTF, Mozilla? Why would you steal an advanced feature from power users like that? Especially one that is so widely used by the very people who actually care about the open Web?

Zoom meeting running gag: someone always says "how do I end this call" at the end of it.

Tagliatelle today. It all went much smoother this time. Using water instead of oil made it much easier to roll, the oil just lubed the whole thing up. This dough was also much stickier, gonna try ravioli again.

Sami got me a pasta machine for my birthday. This is my first attempt at ravioli. It worked surprising well, not as hard to seal as I thought.

Love YouTubes new interface. Much less bullshit now:

DHS plans to massively expand its collection of data on citizens and foreigners, combining everything from biometrics to information about people’s “relationship patterns” and “encounters” with officers.

This plan is fatally flawed and must be stopped. source:

@adam Card machines across the UK are offline today, after the outages in Australia last week.

Having cash my wife still had to push through queues of panicked shoppers with our groceries.

They're just having them stick around in the store for if/when it comes back up.

Is this a new layout, or is something broken? I don't like it.. I don't like sudden change. 😆


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