@raucao Nice! Are you in charge of getting that thing aligned with a tower, or does a tech from an ISP come out for that?

@adam The bait was too obvious. Both sides know it would be a bonanza if anyone some much as suggested boycotting anything gun related over a clown that's making fun of a "lispy latino".

Not saying I wouldn't love to watch it mind you.

People on the fediverse cheering on Google's censoring of a fediverse app. Couldn't make this shit up, if you wanted to.

My #1 wish for #Mastodon: when going to a profile that nobody on your instance is following (yet), load remote posts either automatically or via a button, instead of saying "no toots here" and that's that. Aside from being annoying for experienced users, I'm sure it must be one of the most confusing things for novice ones.

@raucao I can't use any of the banking apps since I'm rooted. They'd rather I was rocking the stock Samsung/EE ROM that hasn't been updated since 2016. Thanks for keeping me secure guys!

@CSB @Klaatu It's hard to say what the _best synonym_ for a word is without context. Why were you wanting to use the "the R word" in the first place, are you talking about someone with Downs, a stupid person, an ignorant person?


Poll: What amount of money per year would you consider a fair financial contribution for the hosting, administration, maintenance, and moderation of the fedi instance you're using? (Only micro-blogging, like e.g. Mastodon, Pleroma, GNUSocial.)

@paul When I was setting up my ssh-agent -> gpg-agent -> pcsc -> fidesmo card config I saw an article about signing a CSR with a PGP key to establish mutual TLS. It's not directly authenticating the HTTPS session connection with PGP, but could be used to initialise a machine on first use maybe?

@CSB I think I saw a toot from the mastodon dev saying that was deliberate, and going to stay the case. Something about he only thinks quoting is used to be cunty or something.

@raucao *Put

.. and that whole Mr. Robot thing. Urgh... wtf are they doing.

@raucao Absolutely. That was very *icky*. Would have loved to see some other integration with something more open, Wallabag or something. But the spotlight of something more aligned with what Mozilla say they're meant to be about.

@raucao It made sense for other UAs with an agenda to get content locked into their particular walled-garden where they can pile on the analytics etc.

But I guess for Mozilla the only reason would be because they're blindly following what other UAs do? Pretty disappointing.

WTF, Mozilla? Why would you steal an advanced feature from power users like that? Especially one that is so widely used by the very people who actually care about the open Web? support.mozilla.org/en-US/ques

@CSB Nevermind. I see you're doing that already now. I'd not been to your actual site till now, just following your toots.

@CSB I always assumed the XKCD alt text had something to do with ads/seo. Having a little Easter egg in there fit's with his genre / theme a lot more unfortunately.

@CSB It can't be the first time I comic site got parsed and looking like it was empty. Are there any accessibility best-practices so an image is associated with some kind of comic transcript?

@adam You free speech supporting octagons. Get off my TCP ports!

Out of curiosity has the NA instance had to ban/block any other instances yet or ever? Or shutdown any accounts on the NA instance for cross-instance drama?

@raucao Then getting back to the screen share from the mini-hover mode when something you need to see comes up.

So much more reliable than Skype though.

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